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Nrf2 Fights Free Radicals

What is Nrf2?

adapted from LifeVantage Science Newsletter Every second of every day of our life, our cells are bombarded by toxins that are produced when we consume food or take in oxygen. These toxins, known as oxidants or free radicals, can wreak havoc on all components of our cells, including lipids, proteins...
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Breathe Easy with Neti Washing

Neti Washing Clears Your Sinusesa��and Maybe Your Mind

Therea��s nothing more important to our health than the way we breathe. Indeed, everything living on this planet breathesa��all fauna, right down to single-celled animals, and all flora from majestic trees to algae. As a yoga teacher for almost three decades, my respect and reverence for the breathing process...
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Yoga Pose for February

Utthita Parsvakonasana:A� Face the Freeze with Ease

Ita��s sunny and 20 degrees outside. The basement office in my 1917 bungalow is probably sub-60 degrees. Ia��ve been wearing layers indoors for more than a month. Every time I remember to pay attention, I find my shoulders ever-so-slightly hunched up and pulled forward, my body reflexively trying to...
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