Anti-Aging with Protandim

Throughout the history of time, people have been trying to find ways to reduce or prevent the effects of aging. We’ve compiled a list of the craziest anti-aging treatments of all time!

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The Craziest Anti-Aging Treatments of All Time

Dunk Yourself In Crocodile Dung!!!
An ancient Greco-Roman bath of reptile excrement invigorates and tones the body! For an extra youthful glow, indulge in a croc poop facial mud mask.

The European Beauty Secret Is To Die For!!
16th century Transylvanian countess Elizabeth Bathory bathed in the blood of virginal girls while it was still warm and drank the blood of the especially beautiful girls.

Be The Envy Of The Herd With An Anti-Aging Sheep Placenta Facial!!
Stem Cell Beauty Innovations (SCBI) says placenta and umbilical cord stem cells have restorative properties leaving you looking younger.

Relax! Healthy aging doesn’t have to be so crazy!

Removing daily stress is the key to optimal health. All-natural, science-based Protandim is the dietary supplement clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days.