Waterwise Vegetable Gardening

Keep Your Veggies Hydrated Drop by Drop

For the past few weeks Ia��ve been enjoying fresh lettuce, spinach and kale from my garden. The tender freshness of backyard greens is unparallelled. While my lettuce and spinach are almost donea��ita��s getting too hot for thema��Ia��m looking forward to having fresh kale, chard and collards well into the...
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Childa��s Pose: Coming Home

Balasana:A� Childa��s Pose June beckons us outdoorsa��to the rocks and rivers, and to our own back yards. Because Junea��s long, solar-powered days give us more time and energy for work and play, we can easily overdo. In order to maintain balance, we must make time to restore and reenergize ourselves. The poet Ovid named the month of...
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Just Like One of the Family

Your Animals, Your Family

Last week I wrote about the health benefitsa��physical, mental and emotionala��of sharing your home with a non-human. Herea��s a story about how we can contribute to the health and well-being of our four-legged friends, adapted from LifeVantage Science Newsletter no. 10. If youa��re like most pet...
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