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Go Take a Nap!

A Pleasant Prescription for Healthy Skin

So often the prescriptions for good health require a fair amount of hard work and commitment. As it turns out, for years our four-legged friends have been showing us one of the greatest health tips around. Research from University Hospitals Case Medical Center found that a key component of keeping...
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Root and Fly

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A�Yield to Gravity

According to Chinese medicine, late summer, including most of September, is the time when Earth energy rises. Earth energy creates stability, steadiness, nurturing and grounding. Earth...
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Take a Load Off

How to Lessen Your Childa��s Backpack Burden

Depending on where you live, your kids are probably preparing to return to school. In some states, they may already have started. Back to school means shopping for the essentials. One of the most important items on that list is your childa��s backpack. A good backpack can keep everything organized,...
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Tomato Time

An Elegant Way to Capitalize on the Yeara��s Best Tomatoes

Ita��s my favorite time of year for food. As a vegetarian since 1978, veggies are my mainstay, and right now there are more choices for ultra-fresh, locally grown veggies than at any other time. A recent trip to the local farmera��s market yielded delicacies you rarely...
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