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Ashwagandha Boosts Vitality as it Increases Calm

Ashwagandha for the Strength of a Horse

If herbs were judged by the beauty of their names, ashwagandha would certainly be a contender for top honors. While its meaninga��a�?smell of a horsea�?a��may seem less appealing than its aural allure, the name attests to ashwagandhaa��s reputation for imparting the vigor of a young horse to all who...
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What Are Free Radicals?

And What Should We Do About Them?

From LifeVantage Science Newsletter Back in 1969 when Dr. Joe McCord co-discovered the enzyme superoxide dismutase, or SOD, along with his mentor Irwin Fridovich, the scientific and medical communities knew very little about oxidative stress in biological systems. But in recent years, this topic has generated much...
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Antioxidants to the Rescue

What Are Antioxidants Anyway? From LifeVantage Science Newsletter No. 11 Free radicals, reactive oxygen species, oxidative stressa��these are all terms we often use when discussing the science behind our products. Certainly, we are not the only ones touting oxidative stress-fighting mechanisms. Companies and industries have spent years and millions upon millions of...
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