7 Ways to Celebrate Spring

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Time to Get Outside

Ita��s official. Today is vernal equinox, the first day of spring. Today daylight and night are equal in length. Tomorrow wea��ll have a few more minutes of light, and that will only continue to increase for the next three months. Hallelujah!

Depending on where you live, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, you may well still be bundled up indoors, looking out the window at a blanket of snow. That doesna��t mean you cana��t begin to celebrate longer days.

For most of us who live in the temperate zones of the U.S., the signs are everywherea��tulips and daffodils poking up through the hard ground, and for some, already beginning to bloom. I spent last Sunday clearing the old leavesa��I call it winter mulcha��out of my yard to give the bulbs a chance to shine through.

But even if gardening isna��t your thing, here are a few ways to honor the arrival of spring:

  1. Get outside. Take a walk. Sniff the air. Drink in the sunshine, or the soft rain. If you dona��t have flowers of your own, enjoy the blooming thata��s about to begin elsewhere.
  2. lettuce 1Open your windowsa��if ita��s warm enough to do so, of course. Let the warm spring air in and flush out the stale winter air.
  3. Pull out your bicycle. I know there are diehard cyclists out there that ride no matter how much ice is on the ground, but most of us get the urge to bike when the streets are dry and the air is warming. If you know how to service your bike, check the tires, chain, brakes, etc. If not, take it to a good bike shop for an overhaul so that ita��s ready to go when you are.
  4. Put on the color. It may be too early to pack away your winter warmtha��springtime weather can be fickle. But you can start wearing lighter and brighter colors.
  5. Spring clean your house. Resolve to weed out jam-packed closets, maybe one a week. Tackle a corner of your basement or attic. A clear, clean house feels lighter.
  6. Spring clean your body. There are many ways to do this. Last week I posted a blog about cleansing with kichari, the Ayurvedic stew of Basmati rice, split mung dal, spices and veggies. I ate kichari for five days last week and was amazed at how much better my joints moved and felt. My body is much more ready for being active outdoors.
  7. Plan a garden, then plant a garden. Whether you love to tend flowers, veggies or both, there are lots of plants that likea��even prefera��colder weather. In your veggie garden, plant lettuces, dark leafy greens and root veggies such as carrots, beets, onions, potatoes and radishes.

These are just a few favorite spring rituals. Wea��d love to hear about yours.

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