Protandim: Your Best Defense Against Oxidative Stress

protandimThe Way to Fight Free Radicals

From LifeVantage Science Newsletter No. 6

With every breath we take and every morsel of food we eat, our body obtains energy. Unfortunately, as our cells metabolize food and harness its energy they also create dangerous byproducts known as free radicals. These highly reactive and toxic free radicals cause what is known as oxidative stress.

Within our genes are encoded the tools to fight off oxidative stress and eliminate free radicals. These tools are proteins, including antioxidant enzymes that are designed to protect our bodies from oxidative stress. There are hundreds of genes involved in controlling each of these processes, which scientists call a�?survival genes.a�?

One of these gene activators is Nrf2, which tells our bodies which genes to turn up and down. However, as we age, our bodies make less Nrf2 and, consequently, activate survival genes less often. The older we get, the higher the oxidative stress.

Thankfully, Protandim has come to the rescue.

ProtandimA�, the Nrf2 SynergizerA�, induces protective genes in cells by activating the Nrf2 pathway. In this approach, every enzyme molecule can eliminate up to 1 million free radicals per second. The stimulation of Nrf2 offers a promising hope against the effects of free radicals and the effects of aging they cause.


When Nrf2 is triggered, it enters the cell nucleus and turns on hundreds of survival genes. With these genes activated, cells become better prepared to survive the onslaught of oxidative stress. Nrf2 regulates more than 1,000 of the bodya��s estimated 25,000 genes.

Made from five natural plant ingredients, Protandim is the only supplement clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress in humans by an average of 40 percent in 30 days. It is more potent than any food or other antioxidant supplement. To illustrate, you would need to eat 375 oranges, drink 87 glasses of red wine or take about 120 vitamin C tablets a day to do what one Protandim does.

Broccoli has an Nrf2 activator component as well but you would have to eat half a pound of broccoli sprouts a day to equal one Protandim.

But dona��t take our word alone.

Protandim continues to be backed and validated by studies in reputable universities. Since 2005, independent, peer-reviewed studies have been conducted at universities such as the University of Colorado Denver, Louisiana State University, Ohio State University and Virginia Commonwealth University.

These studies have been published in well-respected medical journals such as Free Radical Biology & Medicine, Journal of Dietary Supplements and Enzyme Research. How significant is Protandim? In the words of LifeVantage Chief Science Officer Joe McCord, it is a�?arguably the most important supplement of our time.a�?

What can Protandim do for you? The possibilities are limitless. Protandim offers hope and a promise of protection against free radicals.

It is for you. It is for all of us.


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  2. I have been on Protandim for 3 months now and I have seen impovement in less joint pain, improved immune system health ( I usually get a severe head and chest cold every winter for about 3 weeks), and over all better quality of life. I have been using Protandim along with my usuall workout out routine and I eat pretty healthy most of the time. I have also noticed that I am suffering from less hangover symptoms ( I get a hangovers from one or two drinks or if I have several it doesn’t really matter). I have also noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin. I am overall very pleased with the product. I look forward to getting my free bottle of True Science on my 4th order. I think that this product is going to be around for a very long time once the world understands it’s benefits. Keep up the good work!

  3. Of course, eating healthy foods, taking antioxidants such as Protandim and exercising regularly can help ward off these symptoms.

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