Blue Canoe Organic Clothing

I got my first Blue Canoe top in 1994 when a yoga products company I consulted for gave me one to try. It was a distinctive crossover style top made from thick, comfy organic cotton. It had all the elements I find important as a yoga teacher: sturdy construction; comfortable, breathable fabric; and functional style.

The latter was, in some ways, most important. A yoga top that falls over your head when you demonstrate Downward Facing Dog or Shoulder Stand just doesn’t cut it. My Blue Canoe top didn’t budge, no matter how I moved. I was hooked. I ended up buying two more of the same top in different colors. I still have them and they still look great.

Still manufacturing in the U.S., the company has since expanded its repertoire considerably, and now offers not only exercise wear but street clothing. They still use organic cotton, but have also added bamboo to their fabric selection. Their quality still shines.

You can read more about the company history and ethics here.


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