Gardens Alive!

There’s nothing like growing things. The process of preparing the ground, planting seeds or seedlings, nurturing them and watching them grow is an ever-changing, hugely satisfying endeavor.

Because of the potential health benefits for humans, animals, bees and the soil itself, many people are turning to organic gardening. But many garden stores are quite heavy on the synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, and relatively slight on organic ones. When I began gardening organically more than 20 years ago, it was impossible to find organic options locally. That’s why I turned to a mail-order company called Gardens Alive!

Located in Southern Indiana—about five miles from where I grew up—Gardens Alive! carries all non-toxic, environmentally responsible products. They carry a huge range of products: insect and weed control for your lawn or garden; organic, heirloom vegetable seeds; natural fertilizers; natural pet products; backyard birding supplies; household supplies and much more. The range of their products is truly staggering. I even bought encapsulated earthworms from them a few years ago that hatched in my vegetable beds.

Check out their website!


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