Mom’s Stuff Salve

Mom’s Stuff Salve is superb and unique in the world of handcrafted salves. Each jar is made by Lee Udall Bennion. It is loaded with natural antioxidants, and vitamins E and A. Every ingredient has active properties and a purpose. There are no cheap fillers in Mom’s Stuff. Think of Mom’s Stuff as a superfood or supplement to your skin.

Some ingredients are known to aid in cell regeneration, sooth inflammation, and draw out infection. Most are known to have antibacterial and antifungal benefits. Some are known to increase circulation.

Mom’s Stuff works to protect and maintain healthy skin on babies to seniors. Use on cracked dry skin, on hands, feet (especially heel cracks), lips, or anywhere else you may have chapped or damaged skin. It helps prevent and give relief to diaper rash and chafing. It also may give relief to itching insect bites.

Men and women both love Mom’s Stuff. It is used by many on their extended family—their pets! Lee uses it on her dog & horse when ever they get a scratch or scrape or fungal infection. It also keeps the biting flies out of their ears!

Mom’s Stuff is the only hand and foot (and everywhere else) salve you need.

You can purchase Mom’s Stuff here

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