Antioxidants to the Rescue

What Are Antioxidants Anyway?

From LifeVantage Science Newsletter No. 11

Free radicals, reactive oxygen species, oxidative stressa��these are all terms we often use when discussing the science behind our products. Certainly, we are not the only ones touting oxidative stress-fighting mechanisms. Companies and industries have spent years and millions upon millions of dollars developing ways to battle the oxidative stress dilemma. The solution many offer: antioxidants.

By definition, an antioxidant is a�?a substance that inhibits oxidation or reactions promoted by oxygen, peroxides or free radicals.a�? In short, antioxidants seek to stop the damage inflicted by these dangerous compounds.

When one speaks of antioxidants, one refers either to direct antioxidants or indirect antioxidants.

Direct antioxidants are those not made by the body naturally, or those that we take into our bodies through food. Indirect antioxidants, conversely, consist of a network of enzymes made by the body designed to defend cells against oxidative stress.

Herea��s a closer look at the two:

Direct Antioxidants

  • Beta-carotene: found in carrots, cantaloupe, pumpkins,apricots, squash and mango
  • Vitamin C: found in fruits such as strawberries, oranges andlime, as well as in vegetables such as green peppers, broccoli and leafy green leafy vegetables
  • Vitamin A: found in milk, egg yolks, carrots, squash, broccoli, sweet potatoes and tomatoes
  • Vitamin E: found in almonds, nuts and seeds, whole grains, wheat germ, vegetable oil and soybean oil
  • Lycopene: found in tomatoes, watermelon, guava, papaya and pink grapefruit

Indirect Antioxidants
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  • Superoxide dismutase (SOD): co-discovered by LifeVantage Scientific Advisory Board member Dr. Joe McCord. This enzyme has powerful capabilities and detoxifies the harmful superoxide.
  • Catalase: converts harmful hydrogen peroxide into water
  • Glutathione peroxidase: neutralizes free radicals

While direct antioxidants are no doubt found in nutrient-rich foods that are vital for our health and well-being, they are not nearly as effective at removing free radicals as indirect antioxidants.

Importantly, taking Protandim increases the enzymes in your body that can eliminate 1 million free radicals per second every second.

Now thata��s antioxidant power!


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  1. Active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, has been shown to be a powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger. It also lowers the levels of two enzymes in the body.

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