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Breathe Easy with Neti Washing

Neti Washing Clears Your Sinusesa��and Maybe Your Mind

Therea��s nothing more important to our health than the way we breathe. Indeed, everything living on this planet breathesa��all fauna, right down to single-celled animals, and all flora from majestic trees to algae. As a yoga teacher for almost three decades, my respect and reverence for the breathing process...
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New Yeara��s Resolutions: Making Them Stick

Be S.M.A.R.T.

Are New Yeara��s resolutions a thing of the past? An antiquated practice moving inexorably toward extinction? If you read the numbers, you could easily get that impression. According to a CBS poll, 68 percent of Americans claim they do not make resolutions. That number is 10 percentage points higher than it was just...
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